Tulum – a Beach Town by Yucatan Peninsula

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Tulum is a beach town that is beautiful and lay back as I discovered when I spent a day here while traveling across the Yucatan Peninsula. Located south of Cancun, it is by the Riviera Maya, marking the southern boundary of that region. Tulum is known for its beaches and for a hippie vibe that is apparent here. I enjoyed the cliff top views where it stretches out the turquoise ocean waters.

Places to see

Tulum has ruins of the Mayan civilization that one can visit. I would suggest that you take a guided tour of the area so that you can get insight into the ancient history of the place. 

Day trip to Sian Ka’an would be a good idea as it is a nature preserve that is a biosphere area declared by UNESCO. There are wildlife tours to take here as well as swimming in clear waters and bird watching that one can spend their leisure time doing.

I also visited the Gran Cenote which is by the Coba ruins; opt for a guided tour here for a meaningful insight into its history. 

Activities to do

I enjoyed several outdoor activities here. For instance, there are sea turtles by the beaches where one can observe them in their natural habitat. I went swimming, snorkeling as well as cave diving since there are several underground rivers in this region. 

I also rented a bicycle to explore the beachfront; there are sweat lodges which are like spas. You could also try to stop by the Cabanas Copal which has steam spas as well. Hotel zone here includes several ocean view properties. Opt for one as per your budget and other preferences.

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