Places You will DEFINITELY want to check out in Bruges Belgium

Bruges is known as the largest city in Belgium which is in the Flemish region of the West Flanders province of the country. The original name of the city was Bruges by the Sea; this historic city is now declared as a World Heritage Site. The total population of the city is not much which is a stark contrast to other capital cities like Vienna. However, the scenic beauty of this city and the areas around it are worth seeing. It is also known as the Venice of the North. Known for its port area, it also seats the College of Europe.

The city has an interesting past. Having been a coastal settlement from prehistoric times, it has seen stages of development, from the Bronze, Iron Age to medieval times. The first fortifications built here were during the conquest of the Menapii by Julius Caesar.

If you are in Bruges there are several historic places and landmarks to check out such as the Belfry of Bruges. This market square has a medieval bell tower which has 366 steps. These lead to magnificent views of the surrounding as well as having a treasure chamber.

Groeninge museum is known for its collection of Flemish art; the classical artworks here that are primitive showcase works of the eighteenth and nineteenth century.

Moving away from the historic places, Choco story is an interesting place here. Known to be a chocolate museum, it houses a gift shop as well. Children as well as adults would love to check out the museum that showcases the history of chocolate, samples and demonstrations and so forth.

Huisbrouwerij De Halve Maan is a brewery here that not only has old brewing techniques that one can check out along with guided tours, but also sample the brews here as well as local food at the in-house diner.

When you are at St Salvator’s cathedral you will get to see a Gothic tower of mighty proportions. There is a cavernous interior here as well as Flemish art collections to check out.

These are some of the several places to check out in Bruges when you are in Belgium.

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