My favorite places you MUST visit when in the Republic Of Ireland

A major portion of Ireland is covered by Republic of Ireland and this has some of the most scenic locations of the region. From seaside holiday resorts to scenic mountains, you get everything you want when you want to enjoy the perfect vacation in this part of the world. Millions of tourists travel from all corners of the world to this place and it is fast emerging as the major tourist destination of the world.

Cliffs of Moher

The amazing cliffs are hard to resist for any nature lover and you will be mesmerized with the stunning visuals you get to see in this place. It is wild and stretches for nearly eight kilometers, making it a good destination for trekking enthusiasts. The cliffs are as tall as few hundred meters and you can walk along the trail and enjoy the beauty of nature. You will be surprised to know that nearly one million people come to this location every year.

The Hill of Tara

The amazing place has some of the best architectural marvels of the country and you can get a glimpse of the rich heritage of Ireland in this place. The place is nearly 5000 years old and is in ruins after the kingdoms collapsed long ago.

Giant Causeway

The stunning visuals of thousands of polygonal columns of basalt rock will leave you speechless. So much so that the place was designated as a world heritage site in the year 1986. The unique geological formations will capture your attention and thousands of tourists come to this place to get the best pictures of the location.

National Museum of Ireland

The museum is home to nearly two million valuables and artifacts that date back to the prehistoric times and you will be completely surprised to see the entire collection. The architectural beauty of the Victorian building is sure to entice the tourists. The Palladian style structure was built in 1880 and continues to attract visitors even to this day.

Trinity College

The premier education institution was founded by none other than Queen Elizabeth I during 1592. It is undoubtedly the oldest university of Ireland and has attracted students from all regions of the world for many centuries.

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