Enjoy the Natural Landscape Around Stanley, Idaho

If you have covered all the well-known and populous cities in the US, it might be time to visit some lesser known but unique cities that lie in the different states in this nation. Stanley is one such town located in Custer County of Idaho. It has a small population and could be a reason that you would not see it on the list of popular tourist destinations of the country. However, this town has an interesting history and landscapes that are worth discovering as well as a native and long standing culture and community which makes it unique.

Fur trappers discovered this area first, the Stanley area which was initially avoided because beavers were rare here. The site was also excavated for gold in the nineteenth century; till 1919 it was not considered a town after which it was recorded and surveyed to be recognized as a town. The Sawtooth national recreation area is closely connected to this region. Much about life here has been described in Traplines: Coming home to the Sawtooth valley as written by John Rember.  A friend of ours, Sarah who owns an Albany roofing company called Ultimate Roofing, visited a couple years back with her husband Tommy, and the kids and they had a blast.  Really enjoyed the outdoor scenario and low key pace of life…

There are several places rich in natural beauty that is around and nearby in Stanley area such as:

  • Goat Lake in Idaho is an alpine lake located in Custer County in Idaho. It is in the midst of the Sawtooth Mountains and part of the Sawtooth national recreation area. The lake is about 6 miles southwest to Stanley. It is a glacial lake that flows out of the Salmon river; it is a beautiful lake with surrounding landscape that offers breathtaking beauty.
  • Williams Peak is one of the highest peaks of Sawtooth mountains. It is discovered when you plan a visit or a weekend stay at the Sawtooth national recreation area. The peak is part of the wilderness portion of the national park and many enjoy hiking along its many trails.
  • Little Redfish lake is another alpine lake to visit here, which is in between Custer County and Sawtooth national recreation area.
  • Stanley Museum is a history museum that is a must visit when you come here. It is a museum that has several interactive as well as historical artifacts.

Address: State Hwy 75, Stanley, ID

Opens at: 11 AM

Entry fee: free

These are some of the places of attractions you can visit in and around Stanley town.

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