Edmundston: The City For All Kinds Of Travelers

The hidden gem is in Madawaska. You will be surprised by the number of things that you can do and see in here. Starting from family-friendly activities to great adventurous tours, you will be able to experience it all. I realized it has something to offer to everyone. Irrespective of your style of travel, you are going to love Edmundston. Here are some of the few things to enjoy in the city.

  • Tour the historic Edmundston

Take a walk around the historic center. Within 6 block radius, you will be able to find all the main attractions. Get a tourist walking map from the tourist office and start walking.  There are two routes to avail, one covering the historic highlights and the other the shopping highlights. Being a history buff, I took the one with historical sites. At the back of the map, you will find details about the train station, 3 prime churches, the blockhouse, and the City Hall.

  • Go cycling

Up for some activities? Go on a walk in the Trans-Canada Trail. In case you are wandering along the downtown riverside, you are actually walking on this trail. Keep walking to reach the Bas-Saint-Laurent. This is two-trails in one and you can also go cycling. I went cycling at the Petit Temis Interprovincial Linear Park. It elevates to 1000m above sea level. The scenery around this trail is just gorgeous.

  • Travel back in time

With my interest in old vehicles, I landed in Antique Automobile Museum. There is a collection of vintage cars which is owned privately by a businessman. However, now it is open for public viewing. I took a guided tour to learn more about cars. From the remaining of Bricklins to the Model T Fords, you will find it all.

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