Cambridge: Come To Explore The City Of Knowledge

Cambridge is a beautiful city in Massachusetts, across the Charles River from Boston. It’s the home to Harvard University. It has a lot to explore for all the people of any age. The beauty of Cambridge will never let you down with every place you visit. It is utmost famous for the universities and colleges it has. Wondering where to start and what to explore? We have a whole lot guide for you. So, let’s start!

  • Museum of Science

The fun science museum with an awesome electricity exhibit; the guy doing the presentations was super friendly. It is a fantastic science museum. Well laid out, easy to navigate. Busy but not too loud. Just about everything is a teaching moment there, even the bathroom. 95% of the exhibits were functioning which in my experience is really good for a kids science museum.

  • Harvard Square

It is a fun and vibrant area with great shopping and food choices. I would strongly recommend taking the student-led Harvard tour, that’s very informative, filled with history and fun facts and half price or free if you had also taken the Boston duck tour.

  • Harvard Yard

This sprawling treed area is the oldest part of the Harvard campus, with many historic buildings. It is a lovely place to go for a walk and enjoy the beauty of nature. Beautiful buildings and lots of restaurants nearby to chill and relax. You should definitely visit the Harvard yard.

  • Harvard Museum of Natural History

Here are extensive natural-science collections, including animals, minerals & the famous Glass Flowers. It’s a good place for people of all ages, larger than you would think. Easily could spend the whole day as there is so much to see. Here are a huge collection of gemstones and minerals in the geology/planetary science section, with a giant amethyst geode and much more.

Overall, I would recommend you guys to this amazing place.

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