Best places to visit in Birgunj

I visited Birgunj only for a few days. But I have to say that it was worth the visit. It is sure to have something new and unique for every tourist. I came across many things to do here. There are several monuments and historical places. Stick around as I enumerate the best places to visit in Birgunj.

  1. Shree Gahawamai Temple

This is an iconic religious building. The Hindus come to pray in here. It is at the heart of the town and is pretty clean. I came to learn about the different carvings and artifacts. I certainly feel that it is one of the best places that you can visit when you are in this city. The local people are pretty friendly and will tell you about their tradition.

  1. Ghadiarwa Pokhari

Here, it is the best place to hang out. I spend some time with my family here. The pond is quite clean. What surprised me was the temple in the middle of the pond. If you are traveling with your partner, this can be the ideal place for a date. There are several cafes where you drink some coffee and grab some food while relaxing. If you happen to visit during the Chatt festival, you will find the street to be decorated with flowers and lights. At times, boating is also allowed at the pond.

  1. Gadhimai Temple

This is the temple which has been dedicated to the goddess of power. In every five years, the temple holds a festival where many animals are sacrificed to the goddess, Gadimai as per the ritual. This tradition has been going on for centuries now. It is celebrated by several pilgrims every year. So, you should not miss out on this when you visit Birgunj.

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